White Rabbit II ‘CreaM’

SMP White Rabbit II ~ Add a little fuzz to your sound or make people think your speaker is tearing itself apart in classic mode,  then flip the switch for even more screaming high gain goodness!

The SMP White Rabbit II will punch you in the face and spit on you while you're down just like the original circuit, but when you flip the switch it's a whole new animal!  Think Yeti on steroids in a rabbit suit.  Yes, it's that cool!

You can dial in a mild buzz up to a wall of Fuzz!  With the Voltage sag and Tone control, you get a dynamic range unavailable in other fuzz circuits.

The SMP White Rabbit II runs off any 9 volt Boss style negative tip adapter.  At Stunt Monkey Pedals, we recommend the 9V Visual Sound One-Spot for use as it will provide plenty of clean power to this and many other pedals all from one small adapter.  For more headroom, a 12V adapter can be used..

Batteries need not apply.

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