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Homebrew Pedal Board!

Finally got my homebuilt board wired up! (now to find time to try to cover it…) It runs off an old laptop 18V adapter that feed 2 Dunlop Power Bricks. I had to do it this way as my power is dirty and causes a lot of noise if not filtered at the wall. Silent, […]

Amp Build ~ Trinity Tramp

I was lucky enough to score this kit from another forum for a killer price. The previous owner/builder had some undetermined issues and the amp wouldn’t work. He said he started to debug and lost interest so decided to move it out. On receipt, the board was semi disassembled as was the Master volume control; […]

On The Bench ~ November 14, 2012

On The Bench November 14, 2012 Had some time to get to the pedalboard before the snow fell. It’s still a long way from completion but it is evolving. It’s still not overly practical and the current layout is just me stuffing pedals to get maximum use out of the power supplies and the patch […]

On The Bench ~ September 18, 2012

On The Bench September 18, 2012 Finally got time and a nice day to drill out my PCBs for the White Rabbit. Here’s one all soldered up and just waiting to get into a box. Check out that funky resistor in the row on the bottom… I learned why people do the soldering in steps […]

On The Bench ~ September 10, 2012

On The Bench September 10, 2012 Been getting to the bench a lot more over the past couple weeks; it makes for some good production and testing. Here’s a glimpse at the final circuit for the next release. I have the boxes curing in the shop and the artwork is done so just need to […]

On The Bench ~ September 1, 2012

On The Bench September 1, 2012 Piercing Rook: Release Imminent!! I got the prototype all wired up and strung the guts off my LS-2 so I could kick it in and out. I’m uploading some clips on my YouTube channel done with the Q3HD which will likely take all night on my country livin’ connection. […]