On The Bench ~ April 06, 2014

On The Bench April 06, 2014

With getting into pickups and trying other things while we sit in snow, the pedals have been missing out on some attention. It’s hard to paint and drill in -30 C so I tend not to build them in the winter months.

Today we’re sunny and melty so I thought I’d get back to it and took some time on the bench to finalize my Joe B. Tribute pedal! This circuit has been sitting and waiting for this since last October!!!

Last year I dropped ~$500 and accumulated a massive pile of obscure and bizarre diodes from a Russian liquidation outfit. Here’s a good chunk of that pile…about half of the variants!

The difference in sounds from one to the next is pretty profound, so I spent the past 4 hours trying all kinds of combos in the circuit and ended up right back where I started.

I found these in the box and immediately fell in love so went back and ordered the remainder of the stock. They’re kinda my own private stash of ‘Finnegan’ Magic. Not that they’re Klon diodes, but they’re my own top secret unicorn dandruff laden sound disturbers.

Here’s the boxes ready for drilling. You can even see my microphone circuit PCB in this shot as well (I really need to clean up!)

Also in the pile, my two Klon clone enclosures (say that 5 times fast!!)

and my compressor enclosures just needing filling.

Time to get to work ’round here!!

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