On The Bench ~ November 14, 2012

On The Bench November 14, 2012

Had some time to get to the pedalboard before the snow fell. It’s still a long way from completion but it is evolving. It’s still not overly practical and the current layout is just me stuffing pedals to get maximum use out of the power supplies and the patch cables I have.

I added a base and stuck some Dunlop DC bricks, a power bar and an old laptop 2.4A adapter underneath. Still a rats nest but that will be cleaned up eventually. Lots of room for extra cables under here and I’m thinking of moving the Ross EQ underneath as well since it’s not switchable by itself and takes a hell of a lot of space.

I’m still waiting on a power connecter and some Neutrik panel jacks to add to the side so I can plug directly to the board instead of the pedals, then I’ll try to cover it with something to hide all my screw holes!

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