On The Bench ~ September 1, 2013

On The Bench September 1, 2013
BuGG (MLP Forum Member) made me do it!
Well, based on BuGG’s advice I had 75% success rate making PCBs today vs my usual 10% or less. Looky da pile, LOOKY DA PILE!

Totally stoked over this, and to think I was trying to use the Blue transfer paper designed for PCB transfer when all I needed was some regular ol’ laser paper. So long $1 per sheet!

I also got a bunch of supplies and my Voodoo Lab PSU back from repairs on Friday so the weekend was looking up!

…and to top it all off, I got a start on the box for a special project (again using a BuGG technique for the graphics). Here’s hoping I can make this work when it comes time for the clearcoat.

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