On The Bench ~ September 18, 2012

On The Bench September 18, 2012

Finally got time and a nice day to drill out my PCBs for the White Rabbit. Here’s one all soldered up and just waiting to get into a box.

Check out that funky resistor in the row on the bottom… I learned why people do the soldering in steps now. It fell out a bit when I flipped for soldering. From now on I think I’ll do resistors first, then caps and sockets.

Trace side. When I designed the PCB, I tried for ‘as small as possible’ ignoring the enclosure size and aiming for all offboard pots and switches.

…a few gloopy spots, but nothing bridging any gaps.

And there are an extra five holes in the middle to make this into a White Rabbit II. Open like this it’s a White Rabbit I.

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