On The Bench ~ April 06, 2014

On The Bench April 06, 2014 With getting into pickups and trying other things while we sit in snow, the pedals have been missing out on some attention. It’s hard to paint and drill in -30 C so I tend not to build them in the winter months. Today we’re sunny and melty so I […]

On The Bench ~ October 22, 2013

Been some time since the last update! I’ve been working on more audio gear and playing with a reel to reel that I got from the local Kijiji… lots of fun! Here’s a peek at things currently in progress. More Tone Grenades and another special tribute to a great guitarist. Here’s something fun! It’s actually […]

On The Bench ~ September 1, 2013

On The Bench September 1, 2013 BuGG (MLP Forum Member) made me do it! Well, based on BuGG’s advice I had 75% success rate making PCBs today vs my usual 10% or less. Looky da pile, LOOKY DA PILE! Totally stoked over this, and to think I was trying to use the Blue transfer paper […]

DIYStrat Shout-Out!

I love DIY, especially for music projects and gear.  This blog, DIYStrat is one of the good ones.  I’ve spent some time going through and bookmarking things that are of particular interest to me and have to recommend other DIY nuts do it as well.  The content is pretty open, not just Strats!

Tone Grenade available on Pre-Order

Added 8 more to the store, but these are a PRE-ORDER with expected turnaround in a week. LINK I’ll be setting up a coupon code for pre-order customers that will take off the pre-paid amount from the total and also the customary 10% for GC members so you get full advantage of current discounts. The […]

On The Bench ~ August 1, 2013

On The Bench August 1, 2013   Yikes! It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this blog!!! I do have a couple pedals to show soon but keeping the lid on them until I can do up some proper recordings (hopefully next week)To help me in this, I just received a set of 12 […]