Homebrew Pedal Board!

Finally got my homebuilt board wired up! (now to find time to try to cover it…)

It runs off an old laptop 18V adapter that feed 2 Dunlop Power Bricks. I had to do it this way as my power is dirty and causes a lot of noise if not filtered at the wall. Silent, powerful, effective! I put together custom cables from some shielded Peavey cables.¬† They’re really rugged and pretty high quality… likely it’s over the top for my needs, but I prefer to do things once.

My three channel loop has a tuner out on the first switch, and old Ross EQ under the board on the second switch and the third goes to a set of send/return plugs on the side. (white jumper).

In/Out on one end and power on the top. I might move this to the side but for now it works fine.

Send/Return loop.

Here’s my little board, currently in development. It’s a Sgt. Pepper board from the UK. A real pain to get it here but it’s pretty good construction and easy on the eyes!

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