Tone Grenade available on Pre-Order

Added 8 more to the store, but these are a PRE-ORDER with expected turnaround in a week. LINK

I’ll be setting up a coupon code for pre-order customers that will take off the pre-paid amount from the total and also the customary 10% for GC members so you get full advantage of current discounts.

The SMP Tone Grenade uses a 12AU7 tube for a clean boost all the way up to a mild bluesy overdrive. This pedal will add that ”tube tone” to any solid state amp and gives additional rich harmonics. Nothing fattens up your sound like a Tone Grenade!

The SMP Tone Grenade runs off any 9 volt Boss style negative tip adapter. At Stunt Monkey Pedals, we recommend the 9V Visual Sound One-Spot for use as it will provide plenty of clean power to this and many other pedals all from one small adapter. For more headroom, a 12V adapter can be used. You”ll get more volume but less gain. Never exceed 12V as any more than this will severely impact tube life.

You can use any 12AU7 tube (valve) in this pedal; replacements can be ordered from Stunt Monkey Pedals.

**Each pedal comes with an extra tube and I personally tube-roll to make sure your pedal sounds the best it can with what I have in stock**

P.S.S: They also come stock with the ‘Smith Mod’ for a different Gain option (a microswitch beside the tube that’s not in the picture).

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